Escape Room Vs. Virtual Escape Room

Ahmed Malave/ June 13, 2019/ Technology Services

The real life escape rooms were made and design as per virtual escape rooms. Virtual escape room was computer games gain popularity in decade of 90’s and early 2000’s. The popularity of these games led to advent of physical escape room concept. But still after two decade from introduction of real life escape room, the virtual escape room games are

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Benefits Of Home Security Cameras

Ahmed Malave/ January 8, 2019/ Technology Services

Traditionally, CCTV camera and security cameras have been exclusively utilized in commercial and corporate settings where security protocols are required to be strictly followed at all times. However, the same rule has never been applied towards residential areas until now as such security solutions become more feasible through more affordable implementation costs. For those who don’t know, traditional home security

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Should I Buy Or Build A Gaming Desktop?

Ahmed Malave/ October 26, 2016/ Technology Services

Do you find it confusing as to what type of gaming desktop, you should buy to meet your gaming needs? Are you not able to decide on whether you need to buy or build systems? It is really a daunting task to figure out the kind of graphics card you need or the right kind of motherboard for your gaming

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The Expanded Job Opurtunities In The Broad World

Ahmed Malave/ July 13, 2016/ Technology Services

After the invention of computers, so many works were reuced. It wod take a man sevrela days to write ten copies of a single book. After the evolution of computers, there is a wide range of use for computers. People from all professions make use of these computers to keep things in order and to enhance their intellectual property. There

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Listen to the Pros: Shopping With Foreknowledge

Ahmed Malave/ July 3, 2016/ Technology Services

There are some things you should never buy without expert opinion close at hand. Things like food and clothes are things that can be bought with trial and error; you will soon learn the specifics of buying fresh veggies and the right style of clothes by yourself. But the following items should never be bought without an expert by your

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The Money Making Mind And It Is Atrocity

Ahmed Malave/ May 24, 2016/ Technology Services

The life today totally depends of money! If there was one thing that the devil totally succeeded in implanting in man. This might sound like god is powerless but the truth is, god is letting and seeing and testing people. Literally everything on earth is produced and given out by Satan! This does not mean thatdevelopment is bad, but it

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