Escape Room Vs. Virtual Escape Room

Ahmed Malave/ June 13, 2019/ Technology Services

The real life escape rooms were made and design as per virtual escape rooms. Virtual escape room was computer games gain popularity in decade of 90’s and early 2000’s. The popularity of these games led to advent of physical escape room concept.

But still after two decade from introduction of real life escape room, the virtual escape room games are still popular and had millions of followers throughout the globe. These games an offer wide variety of scenario, themes and storyline Advantage with virtual escape rooms that due to virtual infinitely in game development, it an offer limitless options of game play and interactive environments.

Initially virtual escape rooms were introduced on PC, usually these games were installed via CD or internet and then people can connect through internal computer network to play this game. Even people can play it individually if they opt to. Initial times of games had limited variety of scenario and graphics were also just average. Due to slow network connections, speed of games can also get affected. 

But with advancement in hardware and software technology, now these games can be played by different people living in different part of globe, simultaneously. Due to powerful computer processors and graphic available, they experience of game have achieved new level. People can talk to each other and ale to have video conversation during the play time.

Same level of game play for these games has been introduced in mobiles also. There are number of mobile game applications which support superior virtual escape room gameplay. Now as technology has shifted towards the mobile screen, so the new arena for these games are also shifting towards mobile. Number of players for virtual escape room has increased manifold on mobile platforms.

The new innovation like nice virtual reality and controller, these games comes to life. By using good quality VR headset layers can visualize al escape room and can hear the sounds coming from the room and can also virtually see their team members in the game. If all team members will be connect using VR headsets then gameplay will be as good as in real life.

Other benefits by playing virtual escape room that it can help to learn how to play real escape room. It can help to get tips about real game play, how the owner can hide the clue and what are the methods used by them to keep player busy. It can be said as pre-requisite to actual escape room game. Other good thing is you can customize the difficulty level in virtual escape room, because physical escape room will remain same and due to limitation in physical space, bigger changes are not easy to be made, whereas virtual escape room can offer different gameplay each time. You have limitless options of scenarios and themes which make it surprisingly new and challenging every time when player chooses for it.
So along physical escape room, virtual escape room will also be around to fulfill gaming needs of its followers.

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