Escape Room Vs. Virtual Escape Room

Ahmed Malave/ June 13, 2019/ Technology Services

The real life escape rooms were made and design as per virtual escape rooms. Virtual escape room was computer games gain popularity in decade of 90’s and early 2000’s. The popularity of these games led to advent of physical escape room concept. But still after two decade from introduction of real life escape room, the virtual escape room games are

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Best Quality IPad Covers

Ahmed Malave/ January 21, 2019/ Technology Products

iPad is an important gadget in our lives and sometimes it is not possible to manage things or do work without it as it gives us all the tools that we might need and more importantly it helps us to manage out tasks. So, a gadget like that should be protected as it is big screen and can slip from

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Benefits Of Home Security Cameras

Ahmed Malave/ January 8, 2019/ Technology Services

Traditionally, CCTV camera and security cameras have been exclusively utilized in commercial and corporate settings where security protocols are required to be strictly followed at all times. However, the same rule has never been applied towards residential areas until now as such security solutions become more feasible through more affordable implementation costs. For those who don’t know, traditional home security

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Get Greater Mobility And Efficient Cost Savings Through Samsung DeX Windows Desktop

Ahmed Malave/ November 15, 2018/ Technology Products

We at Northbridge Secure aspire to seek new way of working. Isn’t it frustrating when your desktop gets cluttered with way too many wires and connected devices that makes you wish for a simpler solution without having to compromise on performance or results. What is we told you that you could acquire a complete desktop-like experience with the use of

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