Listen to the Pros: Shopping With Foreknowledge

Ahmed Malave/ July 3, 2016/ Technology Services

There are some things you should never buy without expert opinion close at hand. Things like food and clothes are things that can be bought with trial and error; you will soon learn the specifics of buying fresh veggies and the right style of clothes by yourself. But the following items should never be bought without an expert by your side because they require technical knowledge and you can easily buy the wrong item altogether.

Technical Gadgetry
You may be generally up-to-date with all things with all things technological, but you cannot possibly be an expert on every little facet of technical gadgetry. For instance, you may know which gaming desktop was the hottest thing last year.

But when it comes to mobile phones you tend to go for style over substance because you’re so used to the stylish nature of a gaming desktop, also check this awesome LOL game. The same goes for other technical equipment as well, like electronics, power tools and household appliances. Always consult an expert before you hand over the cash or card.

Automobiles and Repair Parts
If you speak Car & Driver then great – go ahead and buy the car you want. But if you, like the majority of people who drive, only know how to drive a vehicle and don’t really understand what goes on under the hood, take someone with you to the car dealership that does. Car dealers are always looking to pull a fast one on you; they are on commission after all. If you are not careful, you will end up buying a vehicle twice as expensive as you initially budgeted for, and only half as efficient. The same goes for repairs. Garage hands are notorious for billing things that never even existed on the car originally and pocketing the balance. If you’re not sure what is wrong with the car, take a friend with you to vouch for what the mechanic is saying.

Sporting and Gaming Equipment
If you are just starting out and don’t really know the sport or game that well yet, ask for advice from someone older and more experienced. Just because some sporting brands are more famous doesn’t mean they always have the best equipment. For instance, a beginner swimmer can swim just as well in normal swimsuits from the mall as in branded ones, as long as they are cut right. Also, expert opinion will help because talent at a sport or game alone doesn’t determine skill. That comes with knowledge, of equipment as well as everything else. Remember the infamous scene in Ice Princess where ice-skating prodigy Casey loses a competition because her vindictive ex-coach gave her a new pair of skates? Unlike her more experienced coach, Casey did not know that new skates had to be broken in first, and they caused serious injury to her feet.

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