The Money Making Mind And It Is Atrocity

Ahmed Malave/ May 24, 2016/ Technology Services

The life today totally depends of money! If there was one thing that the devil totally succeeded in implanting in man. This might sound like god is powerless but the truth is, god is letting and seeing and testing people.

Literally everything on earth is produced and given out by Satan! This does not mean thatdevelopment is bad, but it was not designed for us. Why do you think there is huge population and we can do nothing about it but just provide?

Humans were not designed to build safe buildings and be safe in there. That’s why they were let in wild. In name of being safe, there is no way to die. You cannot kill yourself, you cannot kill other of your same species. What will happen if zebras are going to make houses withdoors and lock them? What will lion eat then? Lions will die and zebras will increase and there will be big problem in the ecosystem.

Similarly, men are the zebras and we are also the part of the ecosystem. Since, we have locked up inside houses, there no way we are part of the ecosystem according to us, whereas according to nature we are. Thus, there are so many problem in the ecosystem.

When we are jobless, we think of so many things. A lazy and empty mind arethe workshop of Satan. Satan had put forth ideas to develop the world, but, in all truth, we are just destroying it.

We have do many apps and tools like social media monitoring tools to monitor a business, we were never meant to be doing! There is another best thing, the hospitals! Men and women with their infants and children go to hospital, check this credible social media analysis. They enter the hospital to get treatment from just one disease but they come out with after being treated with 100 diseases.

This might be also taken into consideration that, we are human beings. We should trust and be there for one another. Unfortunately, exception of Homo sapiens, all other species love and care for each other. They are present when someone needs help. But human beings are never ready to help someone in need! They blame it on the psychological and other similar things but it is all in the deepest of the heart to decide whether to help or not. People are top busy making money, that they forget that there is a life outside their rooms and cubicles. We forget that we have so much to do and thing we can do instead of making money.

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