Who To Hire When Looking To Empower Your Growing Small Business

Ahmed Malave/ April 18, 2016/ Technology Services


Running the seats of your pants requires a lot of dedication, hard work and sacrifices of both time and energy. In the initial few years you don’t get paid much (well, not as much as your employees), you miss a lot of important non-work-related events, and you definitely sacrifice your sleep.

Once you get through that initial hard stage though, you will start to see results. When those results begin to appear, it’ll be obvious to you that you need to expand your business. Depending on your business, you might need another (or proper) business venue, transportation for your merchandise, more stock and definitely more man power.

This time around though you don’t need to “make-do” with any of the above. You can buy or hire exactly what your business needs. But do you know who exactly you need to hire to empower and really help move your company higher up in the corporate world?


Then let us help you out.

To man the reception.

You might feel like a receptionist isn’t the most important person in your company, but take our word when we say the right person could make or break your company. As they are the first “official person” that your clients/customers meet, they also give them their first impression. They need to be efficient, friendly and polite. Being enthusiastic about their job is definitely a plus. No one wants to meet or deal with a dull, bored and rude receptionist.

A strategist for your development.

By this we mean enterprise architects in Sydney. Your growing company will need someone to guide it to meet your long term and short term goals. It’s very important that all of your employees are aware of your goals and how you want to achieve them. Keep reminding them and yourself about the goals; mention it in your meetings.

Help you out in law related tight-spots.

Apart from enterprise architects, another important person to hire is a lawyer; a corporate lawyer. With your business growing, your client base and merges will be growing larger as well. And so will your problems. This again depends on the type of business you run. Know more about the professionals needed in growing your company; continue reading here to get more information. 

Handle the numbers.

If you’ve been handling the accounts related to your company until now, perhaps it’s time to handover that duty to someone else. With the increasing number of employees and different mergers, it’s quite natural that it’s also going to get complicated. Why add more stress to your plate? Handing over this duty to someone else will ensure that your accounts will be handled smoothly and professionally.

Keep in mind though, this all depends on the nature of your business…and hiring them (or not) is completely up to you. 

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