How Top Consulting Firms Are Different From Others?

Ahmed Malave/ April 13, 2016/ Technology Services

If you have a smaller consulting firm which is less reputed, you can expand the client reach and make it prestigious. In order to do this, you need to figure out how some of the best consulting firms operate in order to survive in the competitive industry and why they are better than their competitors.

Recruitment process


Some of the best firms believe in recruiting the high profile candidates like MBA graduates. Not all candidates have a business as their background. These firms recruit candidates in several other fields such as engineering, psychology, and law as well. By recruiting best of candidates, the firms succeed in making the best of projects and always remain on top. There are some consulting firms that also seek help through IT project cost estimation software to make better projects.

Additional packages

In addition to using cost estimation software, the best consulting firms also offer outsized money packages to their clients. To retain their clients, these firms offer high compensation based on the talent. The consultants enjoy best of privileges such as medical packages, education and career counseling. By offering such benefits consistently, the consulting firms keep their consultants working for them with dedication for longer period.

Training and development

Some of the top consulting firms believe that their employees are their best assets. The recruitment is done only after analyzing the skills and weaknesses of candidates during the interview process. In addition, these firms also provide rigorous training and development programs for their employees, which helps candidates to expand their skills and fine tune them further. The objective of such extensive training is to ensure that there is improvement in the quality of work and also makes candidates understand that the company values their employees to the fullest.

Client work

The most reputed consulting firms do not simply believe in client engagements alone, but also work towards compiling extensive research on several topics. The result in terms of research is quite impressive both in quality and volume. By doing so, it helps in generating leads for expansion of the client base. Some firms expect their employees to contribute towards the intellectual capital of the firm for their promotion in addition to supervising client engagement. Therefore, these big firms have succeeded to create a work environment wherein information is created constantly. As the best firms have already built their credibility and reputation, they have the easy option of being selective when it comes to client engagements. If the work of client is not lucrative the top companies may even reject the clients work. Therefore, many top consulting firms have committed clients.

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