Get Greater Mobility And Efficient Cost Savings Through Samsung DeX Windows Desktop

Ahmed Malave/ November 15, 2018/ Technology Products

We at Northbridge Secure aspire to seek new way of working. Isn’t it frustrating when your desktop gets cluttered with way too many wires and connected devices that makes you wish for a simpler solution without having to compromise on performance or results. What is we told you that you could acquire a complete desktop-like experience with the use of just your handheld smartphone and a few integrated peripherals? Now, with the help of Samsung’s Dex powered by NetConnect, you no longer need to rely on complex hardware components that get in the way of your productivity and creativity.

Samsun Dex allows users to experience greater mobility, have safer connections and discover new methods of enhancing their productivity and creativity. The former allows users to combine the mobility and convenience of a smartphone with the performance standards of a fully-powered desktop installed with various third-party applications that you are used to. Such a device aspires to achieve a truly unified workspace for its users, allowing them to break free from all hurdles associated with a cluttered desktop experience. Hence, such an experience ensures that all users can work faster and smarter as compared to before.

There are numerous benefits of implementing a Samsung Dex powered by NetConnect for your workplace. Firstly, users can achieve a seamless integration between full-desktop experiences combined with the mobility of a handheld smart device. Simply connect your smart device to the Samsung DEX windows desktop and you are ready to go! This not only makes your workspace more organized but also saves ample time that can be transferred to boost productivity. Secondly, such a design enables users to better multi-task as they experience the best of both a fully enabled desktop and a smart device. Finally, such integration allows users to experience desktop-powered convenience through the source of their preferred mobile applications. Finally, the system has been designed to offer its users with safe and secure remote access to their desktops, web-servers, applications, files and much more, all from the convenience of their linked smartphone devices.

So how does the Samsung Dex exactly work? Users are simply required to dock their compatible smartphone device into the Samsung DeX that can be linked to an external display unit or any traditional monitor, allowing the users to achieve a full desktop experience from the convenience of their smart phones. The Samsung DeX is dedicated to ensure a seamless and effortless transition from a smartphone device towards a full desktop experience no matter where your workplace lies. Furthermore, the system has been integrated with a complete Windows-like desktop setup which provides traditional PC users with a practical yet innovative way of working. The user interface and screen layout have been perfectly configured in order to to give your desktop PC experience a whole new dimension and let your productivity flow through.

If you further wish to explore the implications of the Samsung DeX powered by NetConnect then connect with one of our representatives at Northbridge Secure.

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